General Provisions

Website and taxi ordering service "eTAKSI" rules (hereinafter - the Rules) set  "Oryo" (hereinafter abbreviated text of the rules referred to as "We") and information services (hereinafter abbreviated text of the rules, together referred to as the "Services"), the provision of website and other means of communication (hereinafter abbreviated text of the rules is called "eTAKSI") conditions and procedures for the service users (hereinafter abbreviated text of the rules referred to as "You"), rights, duties and responsibilities.These rules apply to all persons who visit this website and / or use the eTAKSI services. These rules are translated from Lithuanian language (original reference) only for you convenience and are valid in law of Lithuania. 

Privacy Policy

We are committed to comply with all laws that protect your right to privacy. Personal data is collected and used solely for the proper taxi ordering.  Your personal data, as well, will be transferred to third parties directly related to the supply of services to you (eg the taxi companies in eTAKSI network).

To make a taxi booking online or using mobile apps, we will check your phone number by sending an SMS message with the code. This is necessary in order to make sure that the phone number belongs to you. Additional SMS of orders status confirmations can be sent to this number. All SMS sent yo You are free of charge. We do not provide taxi transportation service our self, and your orders will forward your chosen taxi service provers.

Your contact details may be used to inform you about new services, special offers or give you other potentially useful information (eg price changes). We reserve the right to use your provided information in the development of eTAKSI (improvement) purposes. We may share anonymous, aggregated demographic information with advertisers or other third parties.

Possible information disclosure cases

We may disclose your personal information provided only if such disclosure is required by law, in cooperation with law enforcement or to protect the interests or security of Our other clients.

Protection of intellectual property

All intellectual rights to the trademark eTAKSI, the website, its content and all related software providing eTAKSI service belongs to us, if not explicitly stated otherwise.

eTAKSI information and services can be used for personal purposes only and is not intended for any commercial benefit. 

Media (including online media sites) are granted access to the available public information, however, must be clearly stated in the information  source (ie, the information is taken from the website ) and in advance to inform us of this fact (with the media the name of the intended publication, volume and the expected time of publication) by e-mail info at Influence com .


We try to offer the best quality and the accurate information, but do not guarantee its complete accuracy and we are not responsible for any material and / or non-material damage that would be associated with any use of any eTAKSI service.

You may not adapt, processing, or any other way to change eTAKSI, or any part thereof, including eTAKSI related technologies.

You are not authorized to execute and perform any activity that may lead to eTAKSI malfunctions, including illegal connections to the servers associated with the operation of eTAKSI.

Breach of its obligations You will have to (obligation) to indemnify us and / or third parties affected by any damage (direct and indirect) associated with use of eTAKSI services, including damage associated with:

  • Your taxi bookings;
  • (your) password and user name disclosure / loss and damage as a result of the orders on your behalf;
  • any breach of those rules;
  • any third-party rights, including but not limited to, copyright and privacy law.

We publish public information about taxi services companies (fares, call numbers, and so on.) And are not liable for any negative consequences arising from it. Taxi service companies have the right to provide us with updated information. Taxi services company providing information assumes all liability arising from the publication of this information.

Limited warranty

We strive to ensure the highest quality of service to consumers of eTAKSI, but do not guarantee uninterrupted provision of these services. eTAKSI operation failures may occur due to damage us or any third party owned servers that support the delivery of our services, or for other reasons. You are using eTAKSI at your own risk. We do not accept any liability in respect of  eTAKSI. We declare that, among other things, do not give any warranties and accept no responsibility:

  • associated with third-party providers or services offered
  • relating to any errors or inaccuracies;
  • for SMS delay or loss;
  • associated with unauthorized access to the eTAKSI operational servers.

Interruption of Service

We can at any time without giving reason or notice to change, restrict and / or terminate eTAKSI separate or all services.


If you have a claim or claims related to the eTAKSI, inform us using the feedback form provided on the site, or any other form convenient to you.

If you have any claims relating to any third-party services, provide them directly to the third party. We do not undertake to examine of such claims.

Claims for taxi service can be submitted directly to the taxi service prover, or such services controlling public office.

Claims for taxi service when booking through the eTAKSI can be submitted to us by email specifying the telephone number, time, address and any other relevant circumstances. We will make all efforts to address the resulting query within own competence and capability.

Changing the rules

We reserve (have) the right to partly or completely change these rules about Influence. If you then use the eTAKSI of the changes will mean (it is assumed) that you are familiar with the updated rules and agree to abide by them.


These rules shall take effect on you (and you have to follow them) on your first visit to the site and during all of your period of eTAKSI use (including the second and subsequent visits and use of eTAKSI services).

Information about us:

UAB  "Oryo"

Minsko pl. 3, Vilnius

Company code 300625108

 support at etaksi lt

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